1. Proof of ownership

If you are a letting agent, we are unable to advertise any properties for you. If you are the owner of the property, a Land Registry check will be carried out so please ensure the name is correct on the account. We may require you to send in proof of ownership using either title deeds or a utility bill. If you are advertising on behalf of the owner, we may ask for proof of ownership from the owner and their authority for you to advertise the property for them. You can send proof directly to our team at help@upad.co.uk.

 2. Property photos

We cannot advertise a property without any photos. Please ensure you upload photos of your property in order to avoid a delay in advertising. The recommended number of photos is 8-10 and you should try to show all rooms of the property.

 3. Unacceptable photos

We cannot accept photos where there are people/faces visible, car registrations, door numbers or any other features that may breach privacy. Please ensure these are removed from your photos before uploading.

Tips: Use a wide angle camera to capture high quality photos - first impressions make a difference online!

 4. Property description word count

We require a minimum word count of 100 words for the full description. If you are having difficulty reaching this minimum, click here for tips on how to write your property description:

If your description does not reach 100 words, it will not be approved until you have reached this minimum word count. Also ensure your summary description includes the main selling points as this is the first text seen on the portal listing pages.

 5. Property description accuracy

Your advert may not be approved if the description does not accurately describe the property or is of poor quality.

 6. Price check

Before setting a rent price, check the local market on Rightmove and Zoopla to ensure it is set at the right level. If you set the rent too high, you may not receive many enquiries. If you set the price too low, it may not be approved if we have reason to believe it is due to fraud.