We'll always keep a copy of your Pro Photos and/or Floor Plan of your property on your Upad account. 

You can access and download a copy of your Pro Photos by:

1) Logging into your Upad account (www.upad.co.uk/login)

2) Once you have logged in, you should appear on your Property Console; where you'll see a list of your properties that you have uploaded and advertised with us.

3) Locate the property in which the Pro Photos were done for and click on the Info Tab under the property address, and then the Details Tab.

4) You'll be taken to the  Details page, where you're able to find documents related to your property.

5) Scroll down to the Property Details section (Documents) where you'll able to see all the documents associated with the property including the Pro Photos that have been uploaded for your property.

Cannot see your Pro Photos or Floor Plan via your Upad account?

- In some cases, property documents aren't synced across to your property via your Upad account. Simply contact your Account Manager or Upad directly on 0333 240 1220 and we'll be happy to e-mail you across a copy of your Pro Photos.