Previously, landlords were able to reference tenants at the cost to tenants. As of 1st of June 2019, landlords and agents are prohibited to charge tenants a fee for referencing.

Landlords are able to comprehensively reference tenants with Upad. Landlords simply pay £75 inc. VAT (per tenant) however, should the tenants fail their referencing checks or the tenants have backed out before checks have completed, landlords are able to put forward another set of tenants at no extra cost. In addition to this, should the tenant require a guarantor, we will reference them at no extra cost. 

For shared accommodation and HMO's, payment of £75 is required for each tenant moving into the property. Then the same rules apply as above - if the checks are a fail or tenants backed out before completion of the checks, landlords can reference another tenant at no extra cost. Tenant referencing fees are non-refundable.