There are 2 ways in which a landlord will be able to start a Tenancy Compliance Service process:

- Via their Upad Account/Upad Website

- Via E-mail (Similar to Tenant Sign Up Service)

1) Login to your Upad Account.

2) Go to Property Console.

3) Click on the Info Tab and then Details for the property you wish to start Tenancy Compliance Service for:

4) Scroll down and you will see a blue button – Start a new Tenancy Compliance Service.

Alternatively: You can Start Your Tenancy Compliance Service by going to the Products & Pricing Menu at the top of the page and clicking on Tenancy Compliance Service, and Start Now on the page.

5) Confirm Property: You’ll then be asked to confirm the property you wish to start a Tenancy Compliance Service for:

6) Tenancy Details: You’ll now be asked to provide the details for your tenancy. Should you have completed a Tenant Sign Up Service with us recently, we’ll populate these details. If you’d like to change any of these details, don’t worry you’ll still be able to.

Once you’re satisfied with the details, click on – Proceed

7) Documents Upload: On this page you’ll be able to upload the documents which will create the Tenancy Compliance Service documents that’ll be sent to the tenant(s).

  • You will be required to provide the following documents:
    • A valid Gas Safety Certificate
    • A valid Energy Performance Certificate
    • The Deposit Registration Certificate relating to the tenancy.
    • The signed Prescribed Information relating to the tenancy (if not attached with the Deposit Registration)
  • If Upad have any of these documents on file for your property, you’ll see on screen a document has been found, so you won’t need to upload one, unless you wish to replace it.

8) Once you have uploaded all the documents click on the green button – Upload Documentation.

9) Tenancy Compliance Service Completion Confirmation: After the upload has finished you’ve now completed the Tenancy Compliance Service for your property & tenancy. You’ll now be shown what happens next.

  • The tenant(s) will now be sent a copy of the Tenancy Compliance Service document that’ll be signed via EchoSign. It will be worthwhile giving the tenant(s) a heads up to look out for this document.
  • Once the tenant has signed off the document you’ll receive a further e-mail on it’s completion.