What are the key advantages of the Tenancy Compliance Service for landlords?


There are a number of advantages for Upad landlords who have used us to advertise their property as well other services such as having an EPC or GSC done through us.

If a landlord has used us to advertise a property or for any other service where we’d have on file any of the documents required for the Tenancy Compliance Service, landlords won’t be required to upload these documents and will let them know that we have these documents making it easier and convenient for them.

In addition to this, should a landlord have done a Tenant Sign Up Service with us and then continue to create a Tenancy Compliance Service with us, we’ll be able to pick up the Tenancy and Tenant Details from the Tenant Sign Up Service completed.

At the very least we should have the EPC on file for landlords who have advertised with us, especially as this would be required to be uploaded during the approvals process.

But from a compliance point of view, we are also able to help landlords make sure they can find all their lettings solution from one source and therefore being able to serve our landlords better when their tenancies or documents are due to expire.