Your Upad Property Console gives you access to a variety of self service actions, ranging from stopping your property listing, viewing your tenant enquiries and the progress of services purchased to be fulfilled with Upad. 

1. Days Advertised: You can see how many days your property has been advertised.

2. Stop Property: When you've found tenants you can stop your property listing from your Property Console.

3. Preview Ad: You can preview what your property listing looks like with any changes made.

4: Info Tab: A menu will appear which will open up access to your Tenant Enquiries Area, Referencing Area. 

5. Edit Tab: You can jump to the various sections of your property listing and make changes whenever you like.

    - The Property: If you wish to make a change to the property details, such as the number of bedrooms or bathrooms.

    - The Advert: If you wish to make a change to the property listing such as editing the property description or the advertised price. 

    - The Particulars: If you wish to make a change to the tenant fees.

    - The Photos: If you wish to add, remove or rearrange the photos on your property listing. 

6. Services Tab: You can see the in progress status of services that you have purchased with Upad, download the associated documents when the services is completed whilst also purchasing any additional services you wish for Upad to fulfil.

    - In Progress: See the status and next actions (if required) for services currently in progress for Upad to fulfil on your property. 

    - Completed: See the services that have been completed by Upad and download the associated documents and media assets (if applicable) for the services fulfilled by Upad

    - Purchase: View the additional services available to purchase for your property including; Gas Safety Checks, EPCs, Photos and Property Listing Upgrades. 

7. Tenant Enquiries: See a preview of your recently received enquiries here and click on View All to see the full list of enquiries received for your property whilst advertised. 

8. Service Notifications: For services currently in progress, see notifications where actions may be required from you, such as booking your appointment.