1. Applicant & Guarantor Details. This form is used for both prospective tenants and guarantors. If you’re applying to be a tenant, complete the form in full. If you are applying to be a guarantor, then please note that you will be liable for the rent if the tenant fails to pay.
  2. Bank Details. These will not be used to take any payments, but we need to check that you have an active UK bank account in your name. We cannot view the details once they are submitted, or amend them, so please make sure they are entered correctly.
  3. Address History. We need address details that cover a minimum of the last three years. If you need to enter more than two addresses, use the additional notes section and don’t forget to tell us the length of time you lived at that address. If there is a flat or apartment number that you cannot select, please include these details in the additional notes section.
  4. Salary Information. Quote your salary in round pounds (e.g. 24000) and do not use decimal points or commas. If you receive a basic salary with a bonus and/or additional commission, you will need to provide a minimum of 6 months’ payslips to support this.
  5. Employer. We will only accept company related email addresses. Gmail, Yahoo or Hotmail addresses are not acceptable. Make sure that the person you intend our team to contact knows that we will be getting in touch. If you do not have a specific contact for a reference, please enter the referee name as ‘HR Department’ and provide a telephone number and email address for that department. Please do not provide a mobile number as we can only contact employers on a company landline.
  6. Self Employed. If you are self-employed, please supply details of your accountant or your last 6 months’ bank statements. These will need to be in a non-editable format. You can also forward copies of your most recent tax return.
  7. Company Directors. If you are employed by your own company as a director, please select ‘self-employed’ and provide details of your accountant so that we can confirm your income. If possible, please upload your most recent set of company accounts.
  8. Maternity Pay. Use the additional notes section to give us your return-to-work date and to tell us if there will be any adjustment to your contracted hours when you return to work. Please tell us if you are receiving full pay or statutory maternity pay.
  9. Landlords (existing). Please check with the letting agents that they can provide a reference for you before you submit the form. Note that some agents will charge you a fee or advise you that the landlord of the property will provide your reference.
  10. Application Form Timescale. The application form is time sensitive. All mandatory sections will have a RED line prefix at the start. The application form must be submitted within 20 minutes. If you have any problems with the application form, any errors will be highlighted in BLUE text.