Here are a few example of questions you can ask tenants when conducting viewings:

When are they looking to move?

Often people go ‘window shopping’ for their next place months before they’re ready to move, while others leave it until the last minute and so might need to move before your property is available.

Why are they moving?

If the tenant has nothing to hide they are more than likely to give you a specific reason for moving. If they’re evasive, they may just not want to tell you their personal situation at this stage, or they may have something to hide. Best to judge based on their tone of voice.

How long do they intend to stay?

If you’re looking for a long-term rental, there’s no point meeting someone looking for a six-month stop gap.

Do they know what you’re offering?

You’d be surprised at how many viewers don’t read the ads completely. Therefore, it’s worth going over the essential facts such as the number of bedrooms, the location and the rent and deposit, plus what is (or isn’t) included in the rent.

Where do they work?

If you’re looking for professional tenants, it’s important to establish they do actually have a job.

You can find out more helpful information about how to choose the right tenants and advice for viewings via our guides below: