Having trouble logging into your Upad account? In most cases, a password reset is the quickest and easiest way to resolve this to get you back into your Upad account.

1) Click on Login at the top of the Upad website (www.upad.co.uk/login)

2) Underneath the e-mail and password fields, click on the link for "Forgotten password".

3) Thereafter, please enter the e-mail address registered for your Upad account. We will only be able to send password reset instructions to registered e-mail addresses with Upad.

4) Click on Re-send password. You'll be shown a confirmation message that an e-mail has been sent to you where you'll be able to reset your password through.

5) Please go to your e-mail inbox and locate the e-mail from Upad which will include the reset password link and instructions

- Please note, in some cases these reset password e-mails are known to go into the JUNK/SPAM folder. For Gmail e-mail addresses, please check under your Promotions or Social tab.

6) Inside the e-mail you'll be provided with a link and taken to a page where you'll be able to reset your password.

7) Please type in a new password and confirm this. We recommend choosing a password which is a mixture of numbers, uppercase and lowercase characters with a minimum length of 8 characters. The longer, the more secure.

8) Click on Submit and you'll be shown a confirmation message in green that your password has been reset and back to the login page.

9) You should now be able to login with your newly reset password. 

- Please make sure that both fields are empty, especially the password field as previously saved passwords may appear.