Should a landlord instruct referencing for you as a tenant we would carry out the following checks: 

Affordability and Income Check: We use a rule of 2.5x of the annual rent as the combined household income (before tax).

    For example:

    Monthly Rent = £1200 pcm.

    Expected Affordability: (£1200 x 12) x 2.5 = £36,000.

Credit Check: We will conduct a credit check on tenants ro determine your suitability and credit risk. If you know you have bad credit history you should disclose this to the landlord before referencing begins.

Employment Reference: We will verify your income and salary with your employer but also determine your employment status and position. It is advised to inform your employer or relevant HR person that you have been put forward for referencing for a property and may be contacted to provide a reference. 

Previous Landlord/Agent Reference: We will request a reference from your Landlord/Managing Agent (if applicable) to ensure and determine your suitability as tenants. It is advised to inform either your landlord or managing agent that they may be contacted to provide a reference for you.