The landlord is given several ways to instruct referencing of tenants for their property. The main method of instructing referencing is through the Landlord’s Upad account.

Assuming the landlord has logged into their account.

1. Locate the property you wish to instruct referencing for.

2. Click on the Info Tab and then Enquiries:

3. You’ll now be presented with a page that’ll show you the recent tenant enquiries for your property. Next to the tenant you wish to reference you should see under the Action column, a button for “Start Referencing Now.

If you have found a tenant elsewhere, you’ll see a green button “Start Referencing” which will allow you to manually provide the tenant(s) contact details.

4. You’ll now be taken to the Tenant Referencing page, where you’ll provide basic details relating to the tenants and the tenancy. This information will include; the number of tenants, the agreed rent amount, deposit amount, indicative start date and the tenants contact details.

Tenancy Details
- How many tenants are to be referenced?
    - Please provide the number of tenants that you wish to reference for your property (adults 18+).
- Agreed Rent?
    - Please provide the agreed amount of rent for the property.
   -  This figure will be used to determine the tenant’s affordability for the property.
- Agreed Deposit?
    - Please provide the agreed deposit amount for the property.
    - This is typically 6 weeks or 1 month rent.
- When will the tenancy start?
    - This is an indicative date as to when you expect the tenancy to start.

     -You are not absolutely bound to this date.

Tenant Details

- Your Property Enquiries

    - Should you be referencing tenants who have enquired through Upad for your property, you will find their name within the dropdown list which will auto populate the contact details fields.

    - Should you be referencing tenants found elsewhere or with alternative details, you will be able to insert these into the contact details fields below.

- Add Another Tenant

If you have chosen to reference more than one tenant, you can insert the additional tenant’s details into the contact details fields shown.

However, if you’re not sure of these details don’t worry. You’ll still be able to submit your referencing instruction and the tenant will be able to provide the additional tenants details information when checking in with them via e-mail.

- Does this tenant require a guarantor?

We will be able to determine from a referencing perspective if a guarantor will be required. However, if you are certain that a guarantor will be required or you have requested one, please tick the respective box.

We will request the guarantor’s details from the tenant when we check in with them regarding the referencing instructed.

5. Once you have provided the tenancy and tenant details, click on Submit.

6. You’ll be shown a referencing request confirmation screen. Referencing has now been instructed for your tenants and your property.