Uploading a property through Upad is really quick and simple. By creating a Upad account, you'll be able to upload your property listing but also manage it should you wish to make any changes.

How to: Upload a Property (Landlord View)

1) Login to your Upad Account, by clicking on Login at the top of the Upad website. 

2) Once you've successfully logged in, you'll be taken to your Upad Property Console. 

3) To advertise and upload a new property with Upad, click on the Add Property button found in the top right hand side of the screen.

4) Uploading a property with Upad is broken down into 5 simple steps. 

Step 1: The Property

- You'll be asked to provide some basic details about your property which will get you on your way to upload and advertise your property with Upad. 

- Only the sections marked with a red asterisks (*) are required to be filled in. 

The Essentials

1) Property Type:

    - Residential - Whole Property: If you're looking to upload and advertise the property as a whole (irrespective if you're appealing to group sharers).

    - Residential - Shared Property: If you're looking to upload and advertise a room within a property (suitable for HMO landlords).

    - Commercial: If you're looking to advertise a Commercial Property such as an office or retail unit etc. 

2) Postcode: Enter a valid UK postcode and click on Look Up

    - Choose Your Property: Select your property address from the address finder below.

3) Who is the owner?

    - You: Select this option if you are the legal owner of the property that you wish to upload and advertise. 

    - I am acting on behalf of a friend or family member: Select this option if you may be advertising for a friend or family member (proof of ownership/consent may be requested). 

    - Another landlord - you're acting as their agent: If you are acting as an agent for a client and landlord of the property, you are prohibited from using Upad.

The Property

4) Bedrooms: The number of full bedrooms in your property. 

5) Bathrooms: The number of full bathrooms (exc lavatories) in your property. 

6) Type: Select the type that best describes your property such as flat, detached house, bungalow etc.

Once you've completed all the required sections on this page, click on Save and Progress to continue. 

Step 2: The Advert

You'll now be able to upload and provide some more details about your property including setting your rent and how you'd like to be contacted by tenants. 

1) Rent: State how much you'd like to charge as rent for the property in either a weekly or monthly figure. 

    - If you use a weekly figure, we'll automatically calculate the monthly amount and vis versa. 

    - If you're advertising a student property, please state the rent for the whole property and not for the individual room itself.

2) Deposit: Please state the deposit you're likely to request from the tenant. 

    - It is recommended to state a deposit that is at minimum 1 month's rent or 6 weeks/1.5 month's rent at maximum. 

3) Date Property Available: When the property is likely to be available from. If available immediately, you can use today's date. Recommended to use a future date.

4) Length of tenancy: Anything that is selected as 6 months or greater will be marked as Long Term on Rightmove & Zoopla. Long Term doesn't necessarily mean several years, but just how the property portals categories their properties to differ from Short Lets (< 6 months).

5) Furnished: If you're unsure if you're going to provide the property furnished or unfurnished, select the furnished/unfurnished option.

Tenant Preferences

This section does not filter tenant enquiries but enables us to understand your additional preferences where we can then advertise on specific portals which attract these select group of tenants.

6) Based on the choices ticked and selected, a sentence will appear on your property listing stating the type of tenants the property would be suitable for. 

    - If your property is a student property, please make sure to select Yes for "Suitable for Students" so that your property can be posted on Rightmove Students.

Property Description

Here you'll be able to provide additional information about your property. It's a great opportunity to best capture what makes your property stand out.

7) Feature Points: These are the Key Selling Points to your property. Highlight points which give a quick overview of what would attract tenants to your property.

8) Full Description: Your opportunity to best sell and describe your property. Key aspects to describe - The Property, The Local Area, Transport Links.

9) Summary Description: This is a nice and short description which is displayed when tenants are in the search results viewing property. Keep it short, informative and capturing the key aspects of the property.

Contact Details for Tenant Enquiries

10) What contact details would you like to give to enquiring tenants?

    - This is the information we'll send to tenants when they have shown an interest in your property and choose to forward their contact details onto you.

    - It is recommended to provide both e-mail and phone number, however at minimum you will be required to provide an e-mail address. 

11) Where would you like us to send the details of enquiring tenants?

    - When a tenant enquiries, we notify you by e-mail and/or text message. You can also add an additional e-mail if you wish for more than one person to receive them, such as a partner or friend who may be helping with viewings.

Once you've completed all the required sections on this page, click on Save and Progress to continue. 

Step 3: Particulars

- We'll now just need to confirm a few key details about your property relating to it's compliance and fees. To let your property you will require a valid EPC and Gas Safety Certificate but also state any tenant fees you may be charging. 


1) Do you have an Energy Performance Certificate (EPC)?

    - An EPC is required to advertise your property but more importantly for the rental of your property.

    - If you do have an EPC, you will be able to upload it at the next step of the process.

    - If you do not, Upad can help in getting one arranged. 

2) Do you have a have a valid Gas Safety Certificate (CP12)?

    - An GSC is required to be provided to tenants when renting out your property as part of your legal obligations.

    - If you do not have an GSC, Upad can help in getting one arranged. 

Tenant Fees 

3) Will you be charging any tenant fees?

    - If you are charging fees, please click on Yes where you can explicitly state how much.

4) I may use Upad to comprehensively reference my tenants: It is recommended to keep this box ticked but are not obligated to use our references should you have an alternative preference in referencing provider. 

Once you've completed all the required sections on this page, click on Save and Progress to continue. 

Step 4: Property Photos

- You'll now be able to upload your property photos and other media including floor plan and EPC. 


1) Click on the box to open up the file selector, where you'll be able to choose the photos you wish to upload to your property listing.

    - It is recommended to have an average of 8-12 photos of your property. Ideally one of each key room within the property and of the exterior. 

    - Professional Photos are highly recommended and on average attract 8x more tenant enquiries.

    - Photos should be in JPG/JPEG format. Maximum file size: 3MB

Floor Plan

2) Click on the box to open up the file selector, where you'll be able to choose the floor plan you wish to upload for your property listing.

    - It is recommended to upload a Floor Plan to your property listing as it serves as a useful tool to tenants. 

    - Many tenants do not view a property listing if a Floor Plan is not uploaded.

    - Floor Plans should be in JPG/JPEG or PDF format. Maximum file size: 3MB.


3) Click on the box to open up the file selector, where you'll be able to choose the EPC document (should you be uploading your own).

    - If you're unsure if you have an EPC for your property. You are able to check the EPC register at www.epcregister.com

    - Please upload the actual document and not a photo of the EPC document.

    - EPC documents should be in PDF format. Maximum file size: 3MB. 

Once you've completed all the required sections on this page, click on Save and Progress to continue. 

Step 5: Options (Select your Advertising Package)

- The final step! Select the Upad Advertising Package that best suits your needs.

1) Click on Add to Basket underneath the package you'll like, where you'll now be able to check out and purchase your desired Upad Advertising Package. 

    - You can select any add on products such as Photos and Floor Plan or Premium Listings by ticking the boxes within the column if not included within your chosen package. 


You can now review your shopping basket and once you're happy to proceed, simply click on the green Checkout button where you'll be taken to our payment gateway to complete your transaction with Upad. 

And that's it! You've now successfully uploaded a property and started the advertising process with Upad.

What happens next?

- A member of our Upad Team will review your property listing before approving it to be sent out to the property portals.

- If you have purchased a package which include additional services such as Pro Photos or an EPC, your Account Manager will contact you to get this arranged.

- Keep an eye out for any e-mails sent by Upad where we may request you to fulfil a few actions or provide success confirmation of your property listing being posted.

- Should you have any questions or queries, please do contact us on 0333 240 1220.