Decision: Conditional Accept

What does this mean? 

- Tenant has passed but are outside of criteria for rent protection, such as over 75.
- Tenant is paying the rent upfront and has no bad credit / no bad landlord reference.
- Tenant has CCJ/bankruptcy under £10K and another tenant covers their share of the rent.
- Tenant has unobtainable employment/income references but another tenant covers their share.

- Upad have found nothing bad for the tenant but aren’t confident to offer RPI for them unless another tenant is covering their share of the rent. 

- Common result for homemakers, if coupled with an ‘Accept’ then is perfectly valid as if both were working and earning equal shares.


- Landlord can proceed if happy with results paired with impression of tenant and communication so far.

- Can ask for 2-3 months’ rent up front (depending on circumstances, amount, etc), break clause at 6 months in case of difficulty.

- Depends on what they think of the tenant who has passed but may still offer insurance if the passing tenant covers the full share.

Rent Protection Insurance Eligibility?

- Landlord may be eligible for Rent Protection Insurance, depending on the circumstances of the tenants referencing. 

- Would recommend speak to Upad greater clarity of policy and eligibility.